Weather or Not

This quarter at Walla Walla University started off cold and wet. While some might see that as a terrible experience, I disagree. As someone who prefers Winter over other seasons, the cool temperatures are right up my alley. That being said, the drizzle a few days ago wasn’t entirely pleasant. No matter the tolerance threshold, no one likes a wet cold.

Last quarter, during Thanksgiving break, I stayed on campus doing Custodial work. I must say, while it did have me getting out of bed at normal times during vacation, it was an enjoyable experience. That aside, what stuck out the most was how close it came to really snowing. The few flurries were a tantalizing tease, and I was disappointed when they were the most that fell.

Frosted campus during Thanksgiving Break

Now in a new quarter, with the bulk of Winter still to go, I am hoping to see a change. The temperatures lately have been cold enough, and there has been some precipitation. Before Spring begins to bring back warmth, pollen, and bugs, my hope is that I will see snow on the ground, even if only for one day.

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